Leinster Auto for best price car diagnostics

If your car’s check engine light is on – it’s time to visit Leinster Auto, and don’t worry – it will not cost much to have your car diagnosed at the best possible prices. Leinster Auto has all the equipment needed to check why a vehicle will not run as it should. Neville has all the latest diagnostic tools and computer systems to perform the required diagnostic tests to ensure that your car or truck runs at optimum levels that will save you money in fuel and parts.
Neville uses his specialised diagnostic software to accesses the vehicles computer system where all problems are monitored the faults and issues are logged. Diagnostic tests will reveal any problems associated with the components of your car including the car’s engine, petrol tank, oil tank, exhaust system and can provide read-outs on all functionality of the components of your car.

Leinster Auto uses specialised diagnostic software for many things including fault finding.
As part of all services, Leinster Auto resets the check engine light on your car and the service is logged to the cars memory by his diagnostic software so that cars on-board computer is updated and the service is recorded.

Leinster Auto – for best price car diagnostics!

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